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Gospel-centered Bible Training

Beginning this fall, Grace Fellowship is providing interested individuals with the opportunity for Gospel-centered Bible training using the material provided through the Porterbrook Network.

The Porterbrook material is designed to equip the ordinary Christian for everyday Gospel ministry. What drives the Network is a desire to equip individuals and churches to rediscover mission as their DNA, to become better lovers of God and lovers of others, and to proclaim the Gospel through word and action for the glory of God. It’s all about mission!

The Porterbrook Network strives to provide Gospel-Centered training that is…

• Biblical: deeply rooted in and springing forth from the Scriptures

• Missional: starts from the understanding that all that we do in the Christian life is intended to be “missional”

• Practical: contains rich theology which is applied in details so as to be relevant to real life

• Relational: study in community, discuss online

• Flexible: allows one to remain in their everyday vocation and to participate in their local Christian community

• Affordable: quality, in-depth training at a reasonable cost

• Accessible: designed for the ordinary Christian and yet remains compelling for even the theologically trained

• Comprehensive: not theology for theology sake, but rather holistic biblical training in the areas of Character, Bible & Doctrine, the Church, and Engaging the World

For more information check out details on our website here or contact Murray McLellan.

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