Grace Fellowship is a Family of Churches: (Saskatoon | Warman | Evergreen | Edmonton)

What Happens on Sunday at Grace Evergreen

As a new church in the city of Saskatoon, we’re in a constant state of change requiring flexibility, patience, creativity and a good sense of humour. Although some of us thrive on change & chaos – we get that it can be a little unnerving to step into a new thing, especially when you’re not exactly sure about the details that matter to you.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the church to give you a picture of what Grace Evergreen looks like week to week and hopefully address issues important to you.

What’s the deal on Sunday?

We meet at Sylvia Fedoruk School (616 Manek Road, Saskatoon, SK) on Sunday mornings.

Bring a coffee and connect with people at 10:00 am. Our main gathering starts at 10:30am and lasts until around noon. We have bibles available if you don’t have one.

What kind of people make up Grace Evergreen?

What you’ll encounter when you attend a Grace gathering is a diverse biblical community where people seek to know and love God, live in community with others and transform the world by serving our city as we think Christ would. Practically speaking, that means the some of us are just checking out Christianity for the first time, while others have been in church for much of their lives. Grace participants span different ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome.

What if I’m not used to going to church?

Then you are the reason we’re here. We want our gatherings to be a comfortable place for those who are curious about God but have never felt comfortable in traditional church. We want Grace Fellowship gatherings to be a place where you can learn, apply and wrestle with who God is and what He wants for you. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet. Neither do we. We like to say, “You don’t have to get clean before you come take a bath.” And we mean it. Come as you are. We are not into religion. If this surprises you, check out our “about us” page to find out why.

What will the Sunday gathering be like?

We like to keep things simple and relaxed, but focused. We don’t have much ‘bling’, flash or catchy productions enticing people to meet God. We believe that Jesus is enough. We follow a basic pattern of meeting together that is traced back to the early Church. We teach from the Bible. We pray, sing, share communion together, reflect, respond, and encourage one another in the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal through it all is to love God and know him better by making God’s unchanging truth accessible without watering it down.

What does the pastor talk about?

The Bible teaching time at our gatherings strives to be biblical & practical in nature. We believe that God is involved in our everyday lives, so we present the ageless truths of the Bible in a format that’s easy to understand, even if you’ve never been to church. Typically, we go through one book of the Bible in its entirety so we may fully understand God’s truth in context.

What should I wear?

Clothes are good. At any Grace gathering, you’re welcome to wear whatever you’d like. There is no set dress code, although the attire is more on the casual side. Just be you. Whether that’s nose-rings & tattoo’s, an Armani suit, or doilies & denim-jumpers, it’s all good. Well – maybe not the doilies – but come anyway.

Do I have to bring money, or tithe?

No – you never have to pay for your seat. Guests are encouraged to be our guests. We do not take an offering – no velvet pouch, wicker basket, plastic bucket or stainless steel offering plate will be passed around. We are a partner-supported Jesus community and we’re just glad you took the time to join us on a Sunday.

What about my kids?

Grace Fellowship believes that parents are the best teachers of children! We also believe that busy lives too often take away many teaching opportunities. Therefore, we are intentional about how we structure our gathering and childcare on Sunday mornings. We want to help families stay together rather than splitting them up even more.
We realize that it is often tough for the littlest ones to sit still for an hour and a half. So, for your young ones, we provide a children’s ministry time of age-appropriate teaching, and activities.

Can I invite my friends?

Please do. We seek to be a welcoming environment for people who are curious about Christianity, skeptical about Jesus & religion, or who are seeking to belong to a community of believers.

What kind of church is Grace Evergreen?

Our people come from a wide-variety of backgrounds. We are a Gospel-centered Christian church affiliated with the Acts 29 Network of churches as well as Fellowship Prairies.