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Bible Reading Plan for 2012

As we start a new journey around the sun, it is often a time we get new resolve to read through our Bibles, knowing how much we need our thoughts realigned with God’s way.  I am always mindful that my goal is not to “get through” the whole Bible, but rather in so doing, getting to know and appreciate and love Jesus more and more.


There are many good reading plans available and over the years I have benefited from many of them.  This year I am using a plan that has worked well for me over the past few years.  I have 5 ribbon bookmarks that I use, as I read through 5 different parts of my Bible simultaneously.

  • Section 1 is the historical books of the Old Testament Scriptures ( I move through Genesis to the end of Esther)
  • Section 2 is the poetical and wisdom books (I move through Job to the end of the Song of Solomon)
  • Section 3 is the prophets (I move through Isaiah to the end of Malachi)
  • Section 4 is the Gospels and Acts (I move through Matthew to the end of Acts)
  • Section 5 is the New Testament epistles (I move through Romans to the end of the Revelation)

I try to read at least one chapter from each of the five sections.  Sometimes I get into a section and I don’t want to quit and so I read further.I may  read several chapters from one section and not even get to the others that day.  Sometimes I read from a few of the sections, and sometimes I don’t read any (hopefully those days will be few and far between!).  However it goes, my ribbon bookmark is there, and I continue as soon as I am able.  Some days I read a lot more than just 5 chapters and some days less, but I just pick up where I left off the next time I read.

I would also encourage you to read prayerfully.  In a relationship, communication is two-way.  When it comes to God, I want to do most of the listening!  He has the wisdom and words of life I need.  But I also respond as I read – sometimes with thanks and praise; sometimes I pour out my soul in repentance and cries for God in dryness; sometimes I am led to intercede for others; and other times I pray for my own heart and that God would open my eyes to behold His glory in the face of Jesus and incline my heart to Him.   This is not themere reading of a book.  This is the Word of the living God.

May God be pleased to cause you to behold Jesus and hear His Word for you this coming year!

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