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Exodus – A Story of Redemption

We are reading through the book of Exodus in our Bible reading together as a church family (Congrats to those of you who made through Job! Job is not an easy read, but I hope that the wonder of a God so far above us and that within His good and glorious purposes a righteous man can indeed suffer, was revealed to you.  This is a foreshadowing of Jesus – the ultimate righteous man suffering for sins that He did not commit.  His suffering brought about an intended end and Jesus was restored to His rightful place as Sovereign King over all.  Whenever we cannot answer the “why?” question, we cling to the answer of the “who?” question – Jesus – the one who was slain in my place so that all my sufferings would be temporary.  We worship a suffering God. Cling to Him and trust Him wahtever may come.  He will get you through to the other side.)

The book of Exodus picks up where Genesis left off.  It truly tells the story of redemption – yes, pictured in the historical deliverance of Israel from physical slavery – but also we see the message of hope for our own spiritual deliverance in and through the greater than Moses – Jesus!  This is a book about redemption in our own lives.  The story of God’s redemption is timeless and one day all the redeemed from all the earth will join to sing the praises of the Lamb who was slain for our redemption!

Mike Wilkerson writes in his book Redemption, “So read Exodus expecting fresh insight into the truth that Jesus is your redemption. Immerse yousef in the drama as you would with any good story.  Identify with the characters and the situations they faced.  Encounter your Redeemer – not an abstract religous concept, but a compassionate, powerful, steadfast, loving, and personal God who pursues and redeems His people.”

Redemption as deliverance is about movement from slavery to freedom; from bondage in sin to life in God.  Redemption as ransom shows the high price God paid in Jesus to purchase our freedom  Redemption includes renewal that restores God’s origional design in creation.  Renewal is a process as seen in the wilderness where there is an “already and not yet” experience of freedom from slavery – where we are free but not yet home.  We worship God in the wilderness, trusting and following our Redeemer, whose presence goes with us to the promised land.

May you read Exodus with “Gospel-centered” eyes and be filled with repentance, awe, and worship for your Redeemer worthy of all our trust.

If you still wish to join us, it is never too late.  Just jump in at the beginning of Exodus where we are at and continue to journey with us.

Use one of these methods to join us on our journey through God’s story:

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