Grace Fellowship is a Family of Churches: (Saskatoon | Warman | Evergreen)



  • At Grace, we only expect our community to do what the Bible expects every passionately committed follower of Jesus Christ to do. This covenant reflects the things that we believe are normal expectations for Jesus-followers and the things that we ask those who identify themselves with us to agree to be and do.

    As a partner of Grace Fellowship, I am committed to love Jesus, love others by living and growing in community, and helping people love Jesus by making disciples with this body under its leadership, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and through the grace found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    It is my desire to partner with Grace Fellowship that I might live out my Gospel identity in community committed to pursue the following:


    • Habitually spend time with God through the reading of scripture and ongoing dependent prayer. Follow the example of Jesus in my personal holiness.
    • Supporting the mission of this church with my finances, my time, and my resources.
    • Be or have been baptized as a believer.
    • Participate in communion with Grace Fellowship.

    • Actively pursue biblical community within Grace Fellowship by regularly gathering, including being a committed member of a Gospel Community. *
    • Serve the body of Grace Fellowship.
    • Pray for the people and mission of Grace Fellowship.
    • Be diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit.
    • Not gossip, but instead use my words to give grace to those who hear them.

    • Build discipleship relationships with other Christians.
    • Pursue intentional, transparent relationships with non-Christians in my sphere of influence.
    • Be involved with the living out and sharing of the gospel both locally and globally with Grace Fellowship.